And suddenly Christmas arrived!

This will be my second Christmas running a business. Last year I didn't count because I opened on December 13th and this year, we are how we are...

I've been thinking about Christmas slogans to promote shopping, about the new Yankee invention of "black friday" that we have adopted as our own, about all the marketing strategies announced by the great gurus of Youtube.

After thinking about it, I have decided that

NO, I'm not going to treat the public as a target to be reached, I don't have to convince them of anything, we are smart enough to know if and where to shop.

NO, I am not going to present myself as a victim of the economic situation because of the pandemic, I am not going to appeal to anyone's compassion to buy in my store. We're all screwed up enough as it is to make someone feel guilty for not shopping in their neighborhood.

NO, I'm not going to encourage shopping at the black friday, because I can't compete on price with big stores, because I don't have the same profit margin as them, but I deal with smart people and they already know that.

NO, I am not going to broadcast advertising with phrases that encourage irresponsible consumption. Because we are smart and we know what we need and compulsive shopping is not the solution to the prevailing instability.

NO, we are not idiots!

NO, we do not need anyone to generate needs for us that we really do not have. 

I sell culture, I sell art, I sell T-shirts.

Imagen de Ramón Tormes

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