A sentimental journey

Alcaraván. That mythical coffee, where any citizen of pro that has inhabited Tierra Charras has passed.

Well, there we were sharing a coffee and reviewing situations, moments and people who have passed through our lives and the life of Alcaraván and in general in our small environment that revolves around 200m around.

This type of conversation always arises for two reasons; first and most habitual, it is that we have passed of coffees and second, to see as the bridge of the Pilar returns to our lives forgotten characters, some without making much effort and others recovered in the memory with joy.

This conversation arose from hearing someone say that at least the "alcaraván" was left. To have the status of a mythical character, is not just any state, it is one achieved with a lot of effort and work.

We considered the benefits and disadvantages of that condition.

The benefits are many, obviously, to remain in the memory of people who by the vicissitudes of life have been displaced or have left the city, it makes you proud, because it means that they have lived memorable moments between those walls and in the shadow of your attention.

Perjuries, it has so many others. For me the most serious is that we have moved from the place and that for all those returnees to feel at home again, you can't change anything, among those changes, besides furniture, you can't change your way of being and even to recreate that scenario that that character lived a few years ago, you can't not be there.

We all go on sentimental journeys, sometimes they are pleasant, others not so much, although they are and will be inevitable.

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