title: "Cama I" type of work

Series of three copies dimensions: 42x32cm (Framed) 36x26cm (unmounted)

Backing: Hahnemühle paper

Technique: mixed technique 

Price: 208 Euros (Framed) 98 (not assembled)


This series "Cama", is part of a more global project called

"Co-incidences" of the year 2016. A research work on the relationships between the feminine (I-woman), nature, the childhood.

This project has two different groups of work, one of them more personal related to maternity, the feminine, thewoman and nature as a place of healing and reconstruction. The another in which I work with the idea of childhood and how children are,live and learn in nature and from nature, in a intuitive.

The project sprouted in a walk through the Sierra de Francia in Salamanca with my family, by the so-called "Way of the prodigies" a series of paths in which some artists have intervened the place. One of them is Alfredo Omaña, one of his beds, a bed of stones "crossed my path". I followed the impulse of stripped down and lay in it, we picked up the moment with a series of photographs, on which I began to work with paper transfers. From this process emerged a profound reflection on the influence (in this case healing) of the nature in the human being. In those first drawings my daughter appeared, her presence as a child in nature and in my It took me a lifetime to open the project to children in general. Observing how children relate to nature; the sensations that I perceive when I observe them and play with them in a natural environment, have led me to make these series of drawings.

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