Totally handmade author's jewelry. Sterling silver recycled in our workshop. All our pieces are made from silver that we buy from individuals who decide to get rid of old cutlery or silver jewelry pieces. We firmly believe that there is enough material already extracted and that a responsible use of the raw material consists of recovering and recycling these materials even if it involves more work in the elaboration of the pieces. 

Skull link bracelet, all different, unique piece.


Length: 16,5cm

The materials and techniques used are very diverse, partly because of the number of collections I have created over the years and partly because it is the way I understand my work: the continuous movement

During the first years I made an effort to control the entire production process by preparing my own alloys and welds, which has allowed me to work with materials that are being extracted from the earth today (silver, gold, bronze, or stones) for years. I recycle metals from cutlery, tea sets, ornaments... separating the metals and obtaining the alloys again (mainly silver 925). With the passing of time I have incorporated to the traditional processes of goldsmithing, others more linked to creative processes typical of Painting, Drawing and Fine Arts (which is the other area to which I have dedicated part of my professional activity). This concern to understand each piece as a beautiful object in itself beyond the functional sense of the piece (which sometimes dissipates) or the nobility of the materials that compose it, is what leads me to a continuous experimentation of materials and techniques that is reflected in the permanent change in the works I make.

As I have already explained, I control the entire production process, making my own alloys, sometimes the pieces are composed of more than one metal, which forces me to prepare different compositions in a robust way ( that's why in addition to the classic welding I prepare other specific ones for each metal). The metal is laminated or prepared in thread to make the pieces with traditional goldsmithing techniques ( cutting, drawing, welding, filing, sanding, polishing, finishes with different textures and patinas). The finishing techniques depend greatly on the type of piece or collection in question, using as I said, techniques of other types of arts and along with the work of metal, forms a whole. To give some examples I make inclusions of wood and resin, I use sand as texture, I reuse pieces of other objects or machines, the illustrations are also part of my work.

Rodrigo Álvarez Nicieza

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